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Pre-Surgery Assessment

When a surgeon assesses patients for surgery, he/she ascertains their general health, with the idea of identifying those for whom surgery is too risky and those who have conditions that need to be treated, stabilized, or managed for surgery to be worth its risk. Psychologists can no more “predict” a particular psychological outcome than the physician can “predict” a surgical or medical complication. However, via the pre-operative behavioral health assessment, psychosocial risk factors can be ascertained and the psychologist can then make recommendations to both the client and surgical group that are aimed at facilitating the best possible outcome for the patient.

  • Pre-Bariatric Surgery Assessments
  • Gender Reassignment Evaluations


End of Life Option Assessment

In 2016 California joined four other states (Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Vermont) in recognizing compassionate end of life options.  This allows adult residents in California diagnosed with a terminal disease who have the mental capacity to make the decision to request a prescription for aid-in-dying drug from a physician for the purpose of ending his or her life.

  • The individual diagnosed with the terminal disease must make the request.
  • The individual must have the physical and mental ability to self-administer the aid-in-dying drug.
  • Individuals must be able to express an understanding of the use of the drug, discuss alternate options, and prove they have not been coerced.

Individuals wanting to proceed with the prescription will often be referred for a Mental Health Specialist Assessment where a psychologist or psychiatrist will evaluate the client’s mental capacity to make medical decisions.  The capacity to make medical decisions is governed by Probate Code 4609 which outlines that individuals making important medical decisions must understand the nature and consequence of the decision, ability to discuss significant benefits, risks, and alternatives; and the ability to make and communicate informed decisions.

Doctors at Psychological Assessment, Inc. appreciate your right to die with dignity.  As such, we offer low-cost flat-rate assessments for the right to make medical decisions and provide the required report to you and your physician.


Other Types of Assessment

There are many types of evaluation and assessment that we offer. Below are a few. If you have any questions about a specific type of evaluation that may not be listed, please contact Dr. Dempsey directly.

  • Mental Health Assessments To Assist in Psychological/Psychiatric Diagnoses
  • Personality Testing For Personal Insight
  • Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Return to Work Evaluations
  • Pre-Employment Testing