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Psychological Assessment, Inc. employs experts at various stages of their careers.  Below is a sampling of our fees.

Initial Consultation There is a $150 for an initial consultation, regardless of clinician.

Cancellation Policy There is a $125 Cancellation Fee for any cancellation made within 48 hours of a scheduled appointment.


Assessment/Evaluation: If hired to conduct an evaluation

$1,500 retainer/deposit required prior to testing for most non-forensic evaluations

$2,500 retainer/deposit required prior to forensic testing with potential litigation

Fees for assessments are as followed:

  • $100/hr. for psychometricians
  • $200/hr. for psychologist/doctor’s time
  • $300/hr. for senior psychologists’ time

Fees apply to time spent interviewing, administering/scoring tests, reviewing documents, telephone conversations, conferences, and correspondence. Additionally, we charge $100 per page of written reports.  This covers research, test scoring, and report writing. On average neuropsychological and learning disability reports are between 7 and 15 pages, forensic reports can be much lengthier depending on circumstances.

One-hour feedback (if relevant) for completed evaluations is included in the cost of the evaluation.  For children and adolescents coming for a Learning Disability or Diagnostic evaluation, we provide a complimentary Feedback Fable/Story or letter.


Dr. Dempsey is the only senior psychologist on staff at this time.

Report is not completed and feedback is not available until payment is received in full.



Individual Therapy

  • $100/hr. for psychology trainee
  • $200/hr. for psychologist/doctor
  • $300/hr for senior psychologist

Group Therapy

  • $50/hr

Dr. Dempsey is the only senior psychologist on staff at this time.


Consultation, Research, and Government rates: $200 an hour for senior psychologist and $150 an hour for psychologist/doctor.


Court Fee: We require a retainer of $2000 at a rate of $350.00 (senior psychologist) or $250.00 (psychologist/doctor) an hour for local court (San Francisco Bay Area) or a flat rate of $1500 a day plus traveling expenses for court more than 100 miles away from the San Francisco Bay Area, unless otherwise stipulated.  Travel expenses do apply, please inquire for more details.


Dr. Dempsey is a Medi-Care Provider for Alameda and Contra Costa County
Dr. Dempsey is a Kaiser Value Options Provider in Alameda and Contra Costa County

For all other out of network, a statement can be provided that you may submit to your insurance company, but cannot guarantee reimbursement of all or part of the fee. Please contact your insurance company for details on benefits for an “out of network” provider.


Sliding Scale Available

PAI offers a Sliding Fee Scale Policy based on the National Health Service Corp (NHSC) and Federal Policy Guidelines (FPG) with the policy to see all eligible clients regardless of ability to pay.    Please contact our office for details.

PAI offers Flat Rate fees for different types of evaluations.

Travel Expenses

Expenses incurred by the Evaluator shall be reimbursed by the client as follows:

  • Travel by Car: 50 cents per mile;
  • Travel by Air or Train: The actual cost of the round-trip ticket, plus a ten percent (10%) handling fee.
  • Expenses associated with photography, reproduction of documents and photographs, preparation of exhibits, storage of materials or evidence, and other reasonable expenditures shall be reimbursed at market rates.
  • Lodging: For any travel of more than eighty (80) miles from San Francisco, the Evaluator shall be reimbursed for the cost of meals and lodging, plus a ten percent (10%) handling fee.
  • Car Rental: In the event of travel beyond the local area, the Evaluator shall be reimbursed for the cost of a mid-sized rental car and any associated expenses, plus a ten percent (10%) handling fee.
  • Unless otherwise instructed by the client (or attorney,) or unless refundable tickets are not available, the Evaluator will purchase refundable tickets for any necessary travel. Should the client-attorney request that the Evaluator purchase non-refundable tickets in order to travel at a lower cost, or if refundable tickets are not available, the client (or attorney) shall reimburse the Evaluator for the cost of any non-refundable ticket at the rate outlined herein whether or not the ticket is used.

The client may avoid the ten percent handling fee associated with certain travel expenses by arranging to directly purchase round-trip travel tickets on behalf of the Evaluator, and by arranging for the direct payment of any car rental expense, lodging, and meal expenses by the client.