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Crossroads Competency Restoration Program

In the state of California, a defendant has to be able to assist in their own defense and understand the legal proceedings that they are facing (i.e. Competent). If at some point after the arrest, one of the participating parties notices that the defendant is struggling to comprehend their charges, the proceedings, or other information about the legal process, a question of competency can be raised. Following this, the defendant is referred for a competency evaluation which specifically answers the questions of whether or not the defendant is capable of proceeding. This evaluation is completed by a doctor and results in a report that will be sent to and entered into court records. If the person is found Incompetent to Stand Trial, they then need to be restored to competency.

PAI offers both evaluation of competency as well as competency restoration training for adults and juveniles.  We currently have a contract with the Regional Center to provide Competency Restoration either while clients are incarcerated or in our offices if they are on bail.  Please contact Dr. Klinger (competency@psychassessment.us) for more information.